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Angel Witch, Saxon, Motorhead, Venom, Thin Lizzy

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WILD WITCH plays pure and raw heavy metal in the mold of the 80s, with influence from Angel Witch, Saxon, Motorhead, Venom, Thin Lizzy. The group drew attention from the public of the genre in 2012 with the independent release of the EP "Burning Chains", reissued on tape in 2013 by Infernö Records (France), and having subsequently received invitations to support names such as LEATHER LEONE (USA ) And CAULDRON (CAN).

Now, reduced to a trio (with the position of vocalist assumed by bassist Felipe "Rippervert"), WILD WITCH is excited to present its debut, "The Offering". The full-length exhibits a cover art with old-school style photography, reminiscent of books and films from the 70s and 80s, as well as a rich 16 page booklet and 8 tracks summing 40 minutes.

Cover and promo photos were signed by Mateus Cantaleäno (Murdeath) . Recording and mixing were achieved by Maiko Thomé, from Avant Garde Studio (Axecuter, Amen Corner), while Arthur Migotto (Hazy Hamlet, Grey Wolf) was responsible for final mastering and graphic design.


  1. Heavy Metal Inferno
  2. Night Rulers
  3. To the Lions!
  4. From Purgatory
  5. Diabolic Jaws
  6. Blades of Pain
  7. Exiles in Hell
  8. Lightning on the Road

All songs composed by Wild Witch. All lyrics by Felipe "Rippervert".

"The Offering" will have distribution in the United Kingdom by Code7 and in Brazil and other countries by Arthorium Records, through partnerships with independent labels and stores.


Pure rip-snorting headbanger bliss, complete with galloping riffs and songs about Hell and metal and metal in hell. And it’s dynamite. Posers, get lost.

Ken McIntyre
Sleazegrinder (USA, 10/01/2018)

Wild Witch is a band which has its north based on the purest, truest and most genuine traditional Heavy Metal and it is exactly what you, enthusiast and disciple of this entity, will find in this album.

Jaime Filho
The Metalvox Webzine (BRA, 01/01/2018)

"The Offering" kills the thirst of the most nostalgic and brings a freshness to those who like simple, direct and energetic Heavy Metal.

Renato Sanson
Heavy and Hell (BRA, 31/12/2017)

Pure, unadulterated Heavy Metal rattles at full speed on "The Offering" by Wild Witch. For those who like a bucket full of hypes in metal, this metal soup is an opulent feast.

Metal Underground AUT (AUT, 18/12/2017)

Powerful production coming from the speakers, with explosive igniting groove lines, gripping guitar riff-dynamics, sparkling melodies, driving drums punch and charismatic singing... No School is like Old-School!

Michael Toscher
FFM-Rock (DEU, 15/12/2017)

With an impressive debut, heavily influenced by the NWOBHM sound, Wild Witch have delivered a head bangingly addictive and infectious album.

Iron Mathew Collins
Frenzy Fire Webzine (GBR, 08/12/2017)

That good old 80s traditional heavy metal, specially with elements of the NWOBHM... A great beginning.

Écio Souza Diniz
Roadie Crew Magazine (BRA, 05/12/2017)

When I put on this Wild Witch album, I feel an uncontrollable urge to crank up the volume, dust off the trusty air guitar and sing along to the cool heavy metal anthems for 40 minutes.

Kit Ekman
True Metal Lives (USA, 15/11/2017)

...WILD WITCH must become one of the big names of Old School Metal from Brazil. I have no doubt about it.

Metal Samsara Webzine (BRA, 24/10/2017)