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Iron Maiden, Grave Digger, Omen

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"Glorious Death" is the third full-length by Brazilian true heavy metal group GREY WOLF - founded and leaded by bassist/singer Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli.

The album counts with a beautiful and vibrant cover artwork based on fantasy magazines of the 80s and painted in acrylics by French illustrator Nicolas Bournay.

Even though presenting themes similar to the previous albums, which have Conan chronicles as main influence, "Glorious Death" reveals greater maturity both in compositions and the production of the album, neater than the predecessors. Mixing and mastering were done by Arthur Migotto (Hazy Hamlet, Brothers of Sword).

Limited to 1000 copies, 16 pages booklet.

Track listing:

01 - Wrath of the Gods (intro)
02 - The Eyes of the Medusa
03 - Glorious Death
04 - Metal Avenger
05 - The Axe Will Rule the Kingdom (King Kull pt 2)
06 - The Barbarian
07 - Conan The Liberator
08 - Warrior
09 - Red Sonja
10 - Cimmeria

All songs and lyrics by Fabio Paulinelli

Cover artwork by Nicolas Bournay

Mixed and mastered by Arthur Migotto at Arthorium Pro Audio


Whoever has the true metal spirit will surely be thrilled by this splendid and valiant sound. The arrangement of all the instruments sounds exciting and dramatic, with many developments remaining from Iron Maiden.

Taka Okuno
Burrn! Magazine (JPN, 01/01/2017)

Conan would be proud. Grey Wolf’s Glorious Death is a terrific example that good ol’ Heavy Metal is not only alive and well but has enough artists dedicated to the traditional craft to make exceptional records on par with the luminaries that influenced them. You just have to look a little harder nowadays.

Chris Barnes
Hellride Music (USA, 16/09/2016)

Crude and furious - here are the first words that come to my mind to describe the third official album of the Brazilians Grey Wolf... if they continue this way, it goes more than well! Let the sword of Crom protect to you!

All Around Metal (ITA, 01/09/2016)

Riffs are abundant and rough, there are some really cool melodies that also have the potential to be catchy, as well as the vocals of the main-Grey Wolf which go very well for old-school feeling and crown the steel nostalgia. "Glorious Death" is a lot of fun and whets the appetite for more. Score 8.5/10.

Marcel Rapp (DEU, 06/09/2016)

The graphic artwork is a show in itself, and immediately recalls 80s comics. A stunning cover painting, rich in details, with a sensational booklet design. Naming song highlights is needless, this is an album made to bang your head and raise your beer tankard in name of the Barbarians!

Renato Sanson
Heavy and Hell (BRA, 05/09/2016)

A diamond has been polished and got even better. The result is, in my sincere opinion, the best album released so far by the band. It is ten odes to let metalheads happy with the sonority that will surely be pleasant to be absorbed. Metalbrother, what are you waiting for? Order yours!

Jaime "The Metalvox" Amorim
The Metalvox (BRA, 31/08/2016)

The songs are triumphant, the performances are convincing, and the production values are much stronger than one might expect of a self-recorded album in Brazil... If Grey Wolf were European, I believe they would have a die-hard cult following akin to Ironsword or Ravensire. True metal is alive and well in Brazil!

Kit Ekman
True Metal Lives (USA, 30/08/2016)

This band drinks deep from the well of bands like Omen, Hyborian Steel, and Ironsword... No gimmicks here, just iron-age riffs and classic metal lyrical themes like barbarians, Conan, axes, and more barbarians. This does not break any molds, but it applies plenty of foot to ass. Score 4/5.

Sargon The Terrible
MetalCrypt Reviews (FRA, 23/08/2016)

No doubt Grey Wolf is a great band which exposes in great manner the old-school heavy metal... An album majorly very well executed - musically speaking - and also very well produced. Grade 8.5/10.

Claudio Ocampo
The Metal Spirit (CHL, 20/08/2016)

Fans of true traditional metal in the style of Manowar, raise your flags, because Grey Wolf is back! ...An impeccable, epic and outstanding work! Be sure to listen and to have in your collection, it is indispensable! Score: 9.5

Pedro Humongous
Hell Divine Magazine (BRA, 14/08/2016)

For those who love old school metal and are always searching for new jewels, I recommend these Brazilians... A great bead of this style from Brazil has overtaken us here. Rough Metal with cutting riffing and great melodies makes the domestic walls the resistance bunker of Old School Metal.

Metalunderground Webzine (AUT, 13/08/2016)

The cover is also a unique beauty. Painted in acrylic, the art of French Nicolas Bournay is based on the comics of the 80's 'Conan' series and manages to transmit what the enthusiast will hear the songs... Restless work, what a music of quality. This is the Grey Wolf: Epic!

Leandro Nogueira Coppi
Brasil Metal História (BRA, 19/07/2016)

The rumbling, galloping bass playing that dominates this record makes for an epic experience... Any record where early Iron Maiden appears to be the primary influence is a winner, and 'Glorious Death' is yet another great example!

Skull Fracturing Metal (CAN, 08/08/2016)

10 hymns filled with classic riffs and anthemic choruses... succeeded with triumph, achieving with pride his faithfully goal. Hat off mister. Now, dear Metal-Temple's readers/followers, It's time for ya to show your guts and to prove your devotion by worshiping the gods of steel. Buy it or you could be condemned to listen to BABYMETAL forever!

Metal Temple Webzine (GRC, 13/08/2016)

Hard to listen this album and not to board in a nostalgic trip to glorious past when Heavy Metal was made with feeling!Thanks to Metal gods there are bands like Grey Wolf which do not allow this mighty crafting-manner to be forgotten!

Elimar 'AmraKing'
ThunderGod Zine (BRA, 18/06/2016)

Transpiring an 80s feeling from every pore, 'Glorious Death' is one of these works tailored to headbang and will make the delight of nostalgic and lovers of the period. Undoubtedly one of the great works of the Brazilian Metal this year 2016!

Leandro Viana
A Música Continua a Mesma (BRA, 18/06/2016)