WILD WITCH: magazine readers put debut among 2017 highlights

IMAGE - WILD WITCH: magazine readers put debut among 2017 highlights

The latest edition of the traditional Brazilian rock/metal magazine Roadie Crew brought the best of 2017 lists in several categories, according to the readers. Among them is the national (Brazilian) albums, where WILD WITCH appears with its debut "The Offering". Taking into account that the group performs a purposefully dated sound and out of commercial trends, the news is a very gratifying surprise, and is received as a recognition of the hard work of the band for releasing a high quality first full-length. 

"The Offering" was released on September 30th by Arthorium Records, featuring a sound heavily influenced by NWOBHM. The cover photo was performed by Matheus Cantaleano (Murdeath), while the recording and mixing were under the responsibility of Maiko Thomé (Avant Garde Studio). The final mastering was done by Arthur MIgotto (Hazy Hamlet, Gray Wolf, Brothers of Sword) at Heavytron Sound Studio.

After the release of the debut, WILD WITCH undergoes new changes with the exits of Mariano Burich (G) and Weiberlan Garcia (D), due to relocations to the United States and Spain, respectively. Joining Felipe Leite (V/B), the founding member of the band, are guitarists Lucas Rodrigues and Paulo Sagat, and drummer Diego "Hammer" Gierra. The new lineup announces that it is already working on new compositions, and wants the process to occur calmly and naturally.