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DARK WITCH: Music video for "Wild Heart" unleashed

A few days from the release in CD format of album "The Circle Of Blood", Brazilian heavy/power metal group DARK WITCH decides to celebrate promoting its first official music video clip. The audiovisual production corresponds to song "Wild Heart", one of the most traditional of the album.

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HAZY HAMLET: Released video clip for "Symphony of Steel"

Veteran brazilian classic metal group HAZY HAMLET releases its first official music video with the song "Symphony of Steel." The release date that coincides with this weekend was carefully chosen to celebrate a double anniversary: the fifteen years of the group's career, celebrated in mid-October, and the one year anniversary of the album "Full Throttle", released by Arthorium Records in mid November 2013. The track "Symphony of Steel" was chosen because it represents well the traditional heavy metal proposed by the band and also because it has been the single prior to the release of the album release.

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