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WILD WITCH: trailer for debut "The Offering" available

Brazilian traditional heavy metal group WILD WITCH is promoting a trailer with samples of its upcoming debut "The Offering".

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WILD WITCH: group signs with Arthorium Records

Brazilian traditional heavy metal group WILD WITCH signs with label Arthorium Records. The band was founded in 2011 by Felipe "Rippervert" (B), Mariano Burich (G), Weiberlan Garcia (D) and Flav Scheidt (V), all who at some moment were mates in the already split-up and predecessor speed/thrash metal group CRUSHER, also founded by Felipe.

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GREY WOLF: trailer of new album "Glorious Death" available

Brazilian true heavy metal band GREY WOLF is promoting a trailer with song samples of its new album "Glorious Death".

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GREY WOLF: band signs with Arthorium Records

True heavy metal group GREY WOLF signs with Arthorium Records. Founded in 2012 by veteran Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli, bassist/singer known for his passages through significant heavy and thrash bands from the Brazilian underground scene, the group has been drawing attention of the heavy metal fans worldwide. In addition to having its two first independent full-length albums reissued by Stormspell Records (USA), GREY WOLF played recently aside bands like Torture Squad, Hibria and Salário Mínimo, will play with Evil Invaders (BEL) and is being highlighted wherever it performs with a very punchy heavy metal and outstanding stage presence.

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FATES PROPHECY: Band takes Dynamite Award of best album

FATES PROPHECY received last Thursday, on 02 October, the Dynamite Award for best album with the album "The Cradle of Life", released in physical format day September 12 by Arthorium Records. The band competed for the award in the category "best heavy metal album" alongside other as FORKIL, JACKDEVIL and TAILGUNNERS.

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