ARTHORIUM RECORDS: The End (2013-2019)

Open letter:

Today, November 16th, is a strange day. We celebrate the anniversary of the first release by ARTHORIUM RECORDS - HAZY HAMLET`s "Full Throttle", achieved in 2013 - a successful one which marked the official inauguration of the label. And now, in 2019, it is the day I declare the label definitely closed, ceasing all activities.

It has been 6 years of dedication and love to traditional heavy metal, trusting mature underground acts and trying to give them respect and an export quality CD release, both sound and graphic wise, so they could find more exposure and acknowledgement. 6 years, 5 bands, 6 releases. I am really proud of what we achieved together.

However, in the last couple of years, I had gone through significant changes in my life. So after much deliberation, I decided to call it a day, and declare the label closed, so I can dedicate time to other projects - which demand different kind of time allocation and planning. One of them is HEAVYTRON, a remote mixing and mastering studio which I want to expand opening a recording facility soon. The others are linked to my own art. As a singer and composer, I am eager to get back to stages with COLTAN SKULL - a new traditional heavy metal group I have founded and for which I am inviting some dear friends that are active members of bands from our regional scene. In visual arts, I want to craft some personal work under my own signature, as well as contribute whenever possible with some layout designs under the brand of MOURNBLADE ARTS.

I would like to thank immensely every band, listener, paper and web zines, redactors, distributors, friends and partners who helped ARTHORIUM RECORDS to forge under fire its name in the history of underground metal music. You rock, and I am truly grateful.

Metallic regards,

Arthur "Arttie" Migotto