ARTHORIUM RECORDS: Sabbatical period away from new releases

IMAGE - ARTHORIUM RECORDS: Sabbatical period away from new releases

Arthorium Records will enter a sabbatical period away from new releases and distribution. The webstore services and the publicity of the currently signed bands, WILD WITCH and GREY WOLF, will be maintained.

The strategic pause will be used to restructure the label and focus on opening its own recording location for sister company HEAVYTRON STUDIO, currently operating only as a remote studio. Both Arthorium Records and Heavytron Sound Studio are members of the Arthorium Music Group.

As soon as the recording studio is in the pipeline, efforts will be concentrated on the restructuring of Arthorium Records with a new set of web systems and new coding, design and distribution partnerships to decentralize activities and increase label's efficiency.

The pause period is still undefined, but should be between one and two semesters. Arthorium Records will return stronger and faster, not only to continue supporting mature old-school metal bands, but also releasing licensed and remastered reissues of 80s cult albums with the quality that bands and collectors deserve.

As a last move before the break and in order not to pass the year blank, we announce that Arthorium Records is among the labels that form the collective financing of the full-length debut of the Brazilian band METAL COMANDO, which performs a ferocious heavy metal sung in Portuguese. The album, titled "Ataque Heavy Metal", will be available in a few weeks.

See you soon!