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IMPORTANT NOTE: new date for 2017 releases

We finally got the new release date for 2017 albums! It will be September 30th, this Saturday.
- WILD WITCH "The Offering" (full-length, ARTH005CD) - GREY WOLF "The Beginning" (anthology, ARTH006CD)
Arthorium Records - "Loud as Hell, true as steel!"

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IMPORTANT NOTE: releases delayed due to factory problem

We are sorry to inform the followers and partners that due to a factory error during the completion of the materials, the albums expected for September 09 should be re-pressed and will have their launch delayed. The affected albums were:

- WILD WITCH "The Offering" (full-length, ARTH005CD)
- GREY WOLF "The Beginning" (anthology, ARTH006CD)

We will post a new note as soon as we have a more recent prediction.

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WILD WITCH: trailer for debut "The Offering" available

Brazilian traditional heavy metal group WILD WITCH is promoting a trailer with samples of its upcoming debut "The Offering".

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WILD WITCH: "The Offering" artwork and details revealed

The first full-length from Brazilian heavy metal band WILD WITCH is scheduled for release between August and September by Arthorium Records. The CD titled "The Offering" will present a cover art with old-school style photography, reminiscent of books and films from the 70s and 80s, as well as a rich 16 page booklet. The album will feature 8 tracks summing 40 minutes.

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GREY WOLF: band announces "The Beginning" compilation

Brazilian true heavy metal band GREY WOLF reveals details of their upcoming release, "The Beginning," scheduled to hit the streets between August and September this year. Having released no less than 6 demos between 2012 and 2013, the group intends with this material to present to the public several selected tracks from this period, in addition to including some live tracks, making a historical summary of the first years of band. "The Beginning" will also feature two previously unreleased tracks composed exclusively for this release.

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WILD WITCH: group signs with Arthorium Records

Brazilian traditional heavy metal group WILD WITCH signs with label Arthorium Records. The band was founded in 2011 by Felipe "Rippervert" (B), Mariano Burich (G), Weiberlan Garcia (D) and Flav Scheidt (V), all who at some moment were mates in the already split-up and predecessor speed/thrash metal group CRUSHER, also founded by Felipe.

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GREY WOLF: back to studio project status

Six months ago Brazilian true heavy metal band GREY WOLF presented its third full-length, "Glorious Death". The album released on CD via Arthorium Records was very well received by the press and the fans of the genre, leading the group to definitely project its name in the International scene.

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