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HAZY HAMLET: Released video clip for "Symphony of Steel"

Veteran brazilian classic metal group HAZY HAMLET releases its first official music video with the song "Symphony of Steel." The release date that coincides with this weekend was carefully chosen to celebrate a double anniversary: the fifteen years of the group's career, celebrated in mid-October, and the one year anniversary of the album "Full Throttle", released by Arthorium Records in mid November 2013. The track "Symphony of Steel" was chosen because it represents well the traditional heavy metal proposed by the band and also because it has been the single prior to the release of the album release.

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FATES PROPHECY: Band takes Dynamite Award of best album

FATES PROPHECY received last Thursday, on 02 October, the Dynamite Award for best album with the album "The Cradle of Life", released in physical format day September 12 by Arthorium Records. The band competed for the award in the category "best heavy metal album" alongside other as FORKIL, JACKDEVIL and TAILGUNNERS.

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FATES PROPHECY: "The Cradle of Life" now available in CD

Veteran Brazilian heavy metal group FATES PROPHECY launched last friday (September 12) its awaited CD "The Cradle of Life". The album is the same which was released digitally in early 2013 - still with Ricardo Peres on vocals - but only now reaching shelves in the physical format.

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FATES PROPHECY: Date and details of new release

Brazilian heavy metal veterans FATES PROPHECY finally are able to promote the details of tis new release in physical format, "The Cradle of Life". The album is the same was digitally released in early 2013 - still with Ricardo Peres as singer - but the pressing in traditional format presents some novelties when compared to the MP3 files distributed previously.

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FATES PROPHECY: group signs with Arthorium Records

The news from veteran brazilian heavy metal group keep coming. A few days after announcing the entrance of vocalist Leonardo Beteto, FATES PROPHECY announces that it has signed a contract with label Arthorium Records. The partnership aims initially on the CD pressing and promotion of album "The Cradle of Life", which was recorded with previous vocalist Ricardo Peres and released in early 2013 in digital format only. The album in physical format will be come with a very neat booklet and will contain some news when compared to the downloadable mp3 files package released earlier. The details and the release date will be promoted by the band in the coming weeks.

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HAZY HAMLET: Recognition among bands of the NWOBHM

Five months after the release of their second full-length, brazilian classic metallers HAZY HAMLET begins to reap the fruits of their work. The album "Full Throttle", released in November 2013 by Arthorium Records has plucked praise from numerous vehicles of national and international press and bringing significant group invitations to interviews and events with legendary bands of the 70s and 80s.

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