Brazil's GREY WOLF was founded in 2012 by Fabio “Grey Wolf” Paulinelli, bassist/singer acknowledged in Brazilian scene by his passages in veteran heavy and thrash metal bands. Conceived as a project of its single composer and singer, its proposal consisted in presenting a traditional heavy metal sound-wise, and epic themes lyrics-wise, having "Conan – The Barbarian" as main source of inspiration.

After 6 demos recorded in its first 2 years, GREY WOLF released independently in March 2014 its debut full-length containing 10 tracks, featuring Fabio “Grey Wolf” Paulinelli in bass, vocals and drums sampling, and Rudolf in guitars. Still in 2014 the project ascends to official band status for playing live concerts, counting in this period with different drummers. In February 2015 a second independent full-length title “We Are Metalheads” was released presenting the same line-up as the first. The group achieved great repercussion among fans of true heavy metal, both national and internationally, to the point of having its two first materials reissued by Stormspell Records (USA) in its “Trend Killers” series. In 2016 GREY WOLF was composed of Fabio Paulinelli (bass and vocal), Chris Maia (guitars) and Weslley Victor (drums). With this line-up the band played aside names like Torture Squad, Hibria, Dr Sin and Evil Invaders, and released its third official album, “Glorious Death”. The material was out in CD via Arthorium Records, and helped expand further the repercussion among fans of true heavy metal. GREY WOLF went back to studio project status a little after this release.

Now, with many fans asking for the unavailable demos, GREY WOLF and Arthorium Records joined forces once again to release a distinct material for the most avid collectors: "The Beginning" - an early years anthology with 15 selected songs from the demos and 5 live songs captured with smartphone cam in 3 distinct concerts, all 20 tracks restored and remastered. In addition to this 2 previously unreleased songs were recorded exclusively for this compilation, summing 22 tracks.


Grey Wolf




2012 - Present


True Heavy Metal


Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli (V/B) Chris Maia (G) Weslley "Mulambo" Victor (D)

For fans of

Manowar, Iron Maiden, Grave Digger, Running Wild



COVER ARTWORK - We Are Metalheads

We Are Metalheads

2015 [Full-length, CD]
Running time - 35:04

Grey Wolf

2014 [Full-length, CD]
Running time - 32:34