Founded in 1991, FATES PROPHECY releases in 1998 its first full-length album, "Into The Mind". From there the band tracks a solid path inside Heavy Metal, releasing "Eyes of Truth" in 2002 and "24th Century" in 2005. Its influences from the legends of the 80s - especially Saxon and Iron Maiden - and its neat work with compositions and materials earn the band huge respect in Brazilian metal scene.

After a few years and the release of two singles, the band records in 2013 their fourth studio album, "The Cradle Of Life", which has as first novelty being recorded and mixed by guitarists Paulo Almeida and Fernando Poles. In addition to this, FATES PROPHECY tries in this work to leave comparisons to other bands aside and strengthen its own identity, seeking to release a material better and distinct from previous works.

Lyrics-wise, the album presents a discussion about the origin of humans and the world we know. While some people believe in the theory of evolution, according to Darwin's theory and science, others believe the Bible and all creationist theory. It is then raised the hypothesis that there may be a third option, still unknown, and for this reflection, the songs of the group wonder about life, death, and tangent the vision of primitive man on these matters.

"The Cradle of Life" was released digitally for download in early 2013, and singer Ricardo Peres left in early 2014. Having harvested several praises from Brazilian reviews and now with a reformulated line-up, FATES PROPHECY finds in label Arthorium Records a home for the release of the physical version of the album, and in singer Leonardo Beteto a new weapon for its live performance. With refreshed breath and huge motivation, the band is already invading the stages again and hopes to continue its neat and inspired work with Heavy Metal.


Fates Prophecy






Heavy Metal


Leonardo Beteto (V)
Paulo Almeida (G)
Ivan Santos (G)
Rodrigo Brizzi (B)
Sandro Muniz (D)

* Ricardo Perez (V, 2006-2013) recorded "The Cradle of Life" before leaving the band

For fans of

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon


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