Electro_Nomicon - Unleashing the Shadows (CD)

Electro_Nomicon - Unleashing the Shadows (CD)

Fabricante: No Remorse Records
Código do Produto: NRR043
Disponibilidade: Em Estoque

Electro_Nomicon is a band that has proven that great music knows no boundaries. This tight knit and diversely influenced group is comprised of band members from the United States and Argentina that have travelled extensively between countries to define and refine their unique sound. The energy and drive in their music is second to none. They're not looking to meet standards, they're setting new standards. Totally original and completely dedicated to their craft, the members of Electro_Nomicon each contribute a passion and dedication to excellent musicianship that forges their unique sound.

The Electro_Nomicon intercontinental connection consists of Diego Valdez (also in HelkerTriddana) on vocals, Owen Bryant on drums and Juan Josè Fornès (also in Triddana) on guitars. Individually the band members bring diverse cultural musical influences from hard rock to melodic heavy metal and power metal, and everything in between.


01. The Art of Destruction
02. I Believe
03. Waiting
04. Do You Remember
05. Take Me
06. Dark Flight (instrumental)
07. You Are in Shadows
08. New Beginning Day
09. Far Away
10. Pieces of a Dream


Release barcode: 0799471857045

Banda Electro_Nomicon
Título Unleashing the Shadows
Estilo Hard/Power Metal
Número de Catálogo NRR043
País ARG
Formato CD - full-length
Selo No Remorse Records
Data de lançamento 2013
EAN-13 0799471857045
Para fãs de DIO, Rainbow, Tarot, Astral Doors, Firewind
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