Black Soul Horde - Tales of the Ancient Ones (CD)

Black Soul Horde - Tales of the Ancient Ones (CD)

Fabricante: No Remorse Records
Código do Produto: NRR044
Disponibilidade: Em Estoque

Debut album from this new traditional heavy metal act featuring members of acknowledged Greek metal bands such as Speedblow, Mahakala, Sun of Nothing and Nordor.

BLACK SOUL HORDE's sound is merely based on the 80s classic heavy metal sound, NWOBHM, epic metal, while at the same time containing elements of the modern heavy – power metal sound. The lyrics are inspired by the Greek and Norwegian mythology and the respectful works of Robert E. Howard (writer of Conan), H.P. Lovecraft, John Milton, to name a few.

"Tales of the Ancient Ones" is produced, recorded and mixed by John Tsiakopoulos (Speedblow, Inside It Grows etc), mastered by Stelios Efentakis (Mahakala), while the artwork is created by USA's finest album cover artist, Vance Kelly(Down, The Sword, Huntress etc).

"Being Greece's answer to Alpha Tiger, Holy Grail and White Wizzard, as well as worthy honorers of the best NWOBHM moments, BLACK SOUL HORDE will soon enjoy recognision and acknowledgement." Metal Hammer GR

"It is amazing how people with more extreme metal background can have such a professional and serious approach to classic heavy metal music, bu making it sound so updated at the same time." Rockway GR

For fans of Manilla Road, Omen, Grand Magus as well as fans of the current uprising New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal scene.

1. Let The Valkyrs Ride
2. Reborn in Fire and Blood
3. Hour of the Dragon
4. Demonon Tagmata
5. Ancestor of the Ancient Gods
6. Horns of War (Evermore)
7. Coming Home (The Call of Gaia)
8. The Light

Release barcode: 0799471857069

Banda Black Soul Horde
Título Tales of the Ancient Ones
Estilo Epic/Classic Heavy Metal, NWOTHM
Número de Catálogo NRR044
País GRC
Formato CD - full-length
Selo No Remorse Records
Data de lançamento 2013
EAN-13 0799471857069
Para fãs de Manilla Road, Omen, Grand Magus
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