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Hazy Hamlet presents you its new album - FULL THROTTLE. As the title suggests, this is not an innovative material. Drinking from the inspiration of the NWOBHM and early 80s Metal bands, the band proudly presents a riffdriven album, with real valve-amps and miked cabs sound, 8 classic metal hymns at their best.

Sound-wise, the album lets clear influnces from DIO to Accept, from Maiden to Manowar, from Omen to Judas Priest, legends who reigned in the golden decade of rock music and helped craft the definitions of epic and classic metal.

Lyrics-wise, it presents reflections about beliefs, science, politics and life, highlighting a strong message about "carpe diem" - and this is not coincidence, but a fact which reflects the last couple of (dark) years the band has gone through. It brings the listener motivation to live better, faster, and take part on everything he can to make this world a less mediocre one.

Conceptually, FULL THROTTLE tries to rescue a time where an album was not fatiguing, but evocative, pleasant and memorable. All the project targets the vinyl - a double cover artwork painted in acrylics, songs length number and sequence - however it will be released primarily in CD, and a limited edition in LP may follow according to repercussion.

Once again the cover artwork brings norse god Odin, but this time he is really running wild. The supposition he transformed Sleipnir in a motorcycle is a metaphor for one to leave some old ties behind and enjoy life better. The skullsroad means the path of death and degradation human has taken. The buried anvil means Hazy Hamlet's strength, persistence and vigor.

The CD was earlier set to be released in September by an European label, but due to problems beyond the group's reach, it was opted by contract termination and a release by Arthorium Records, brand new label by singer/composer and producer Arthur Migotto. Hazy Hamlet is now ready to get back to the road and reconquer stages - at FULL THROTTLE!


The band’s music is on the vein from earlier NWOBHM, and with some aspects of German Metal (there’s a strong dose of ACCEPT here)... Their best songs are the strong 'Full Throttle' (fine guitar work, remembering a lot IRON MAIDEN and NWOBHM bands), the up tempo 'Symphony of Steel', the powerful 'Jaws of Fenris', and 'Odin’s Ride', but all tracks are good.

Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia
Metal-Temple Webzine (GRE, 25/12/2013)

Full Throttle is a lesson of brute metal as we've known through the NWOBHM and for bands like Omen, Judas Priest and Manowar... Great return of Hazy Hamlet! Remember this name!

Leandro Nogueira Coppi
Brasil Metal Historia (BRA, 30/12/2013) excelent disc which was composed, executed and recorded with the honesty, attitude and vigor of true Heavy Metal... one thing is certain, this Full Throttle will be included in the list of best releases of the year of all bangers that follow closely Brazilian metal scene.

Marcus "Headbanging Man"
Whiplash & Metal Underground MA (BRA, 07/01/2014)

Hazy Hamlet have delivered what they promised: to give the followers of classic heavy metal a great work containing good themes and with which they will enjoy very much.

Rock en Portada Webzine (SPA, 07/01/2014)

Hazy Hamlet plays a rocky heavy metal clearly influenced by the eighties... A pleasant disc to listen, the production is extremely clean and intentionally retro-sounding... Wish there were more bands like Hazy Hamlet... Great album this Full Throttle.

Marco Doné
All Around Metal Webzine (ITA, 17/01/2014)

...Full Throttle is a valiant job in every aspect that leaves me a big smile on the face at every listening, in addition to constantly reminding me why I love this music so much...

Luca Avalon
Heavy Metal Webzine (ITA, 04/02/2014)

Hazy Hamlet gifts us with a traditional heavy metal class. 'Full Throttle' presents what there's of more inspiring ind cadenced and melodic riffs, but not letting speed behind. Excellent album for headbanging, with a galloping bass able to let Steve Harris envious, rough vocals, impecable drums.

Artur Azeredo
Metal All Night Webzine (BRA, 08/02/2014)

This album reminded me of all the excitement and atmosphere that got me into the world of metal in the first place... We get all this from Hazy Hamlet in the form of an impulsive pounding without any dullness, intertwined by memorable songs to which a beer goes just as fine as some headbanging.

Saint Savin
Kronos Mortus E-zine (HUN, 17/02/2014)

'Full Throttle', in its 8 tracks and approximately 38 minutes, is able to deliver maximum entertainment and excitement, characterized by loaded riffs and metallic choruses. For the lovers of Heavy Metal, this is another piece that can't be missing in any manner in your shelves.

Matheus Duarte
Heaven and Hell News (BRA, 05/03/2014)

Hazy Hamlet has shown in Full Throttle, its second album, that it has quality to compose in exciting form. After all, well executed influences of the NWOBHM jump to the ears in a succession of riffs and memorable passages.

Écio Souza Diniz
Roadie Crew Magazine #182 (BRA, 05/03/2014)

'Full Throttle' was recorded in the band's own studio, comes with a good production and, now, definitely confirms Hazy Hamlet as one of the most important names of traditional Heavy Metal in Brazil. Play 'Full Throttle' in maximum volume!

Valterlir Mendes
Recife Metal Law Webzine (BRA, 16/03/2014)

Hazy Hamlet represents well Metal created in Brazil and shows the world the best we have here. The mix between Traditional and Power was perfect, presenting 80s sonority with a contemporary face. Really nice! It is the kind of album that is worth listening repeated times and worth having in your collection!

Pedro Humangous
Hell Divine Magazine #18 (BRA, 19/03/2014)