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Brazilian band GREY WOLF was founded in 2012 by Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli, bassist/singer acknowledged in Brazilian scene by his passages in veteran heavy and thrash metal bands. However, it was in GREY WOLF that he could finally find a home for his epic metal songs, and with one full-length released per year, between 2014 and 2016, he really shook the grounds of true heavy metal fans, drawing attention worldwide.

A not so known fact is, most of the songs released in the full-length albums were taken or reworked from demos released before the debut was out. And the early years were really active for GREY WOLF, as Fabio Paulinelli was a composition machine, releasing no less than 6 demos between 2012 and 2013!

Now, with many fans asking for the unavailable demos, GREY WOLF and ARTHORIUM RECORDS joined forces to release a distinct material for the most avid collectors: "The Beginning" - an early years anthology with 15 selected songs from the demos, all rescued from Fabio Paulinelli archives, with a rich 16 pages booklet presenting all cover artworks used. In addition to it, as all songs productions vary a lot, from great to mono and noisy, they were restored and remastered, some having their stereo image recreated and noise decreased. Not only this. "The Beginning" includes 5 live songs captured with smartphone cam in 3 distinct concerts, all also restored and remastered, and 2 previously unreleased songs recorded exclusively for this compilation. São 22 faixas no total!

This is a gift for GREY WOLF fans. Enjoy!


  1. The Beginning (prev. unreleased)
  2. By the Power of Crom (demo version)
  3. The Singing of Steel (demo version)
  4. Thoth Amon (demo version)
  5. Remembers (demo version)
  6. Ways of the Warrior (demo version)
  7. The Elephant Tower (demo version)
  8. Warrior (demo version)
  9. Grey Wolf (demo version)
  10. The Frost Giant's Daughter (demo version)
  11. King Kull (demo version)
  12. In the Shadows of Stygia (demo version)
  13. 300 (demo version)
  14. Thor (demo version)
  15. The Attack of the Dragons (demo version)
  16. Glorious Death (demo version)
  17. Golden Axe (demo version)
  18. 300 (live)
  19. A Night of Fun (live)
  20. The Elephant Tower (live)
  21. King Kull - parts 1 and 2 (live)
  22. Defenders of Steel (prev. unreleased)

All songs & lyrics by Fabio "Grey Wolf" Paulinelli
Backings in new songs by Arthur Migotto, Peter Kelter and Metaltex members: Lucio de Castro, Rafael Kempp, Walber Tavares and Lucas Lima
Studio songs recorded at GW Studio by Fabio Paulinelli
New songs mixed and mastered by Arthur Migotto
Demo & live songs restored & mastered by Arthur Migotto

Cover artwork by Nicolas Bournay
Live photos by Lucas Witchunter
Outdoor photos by Fabiana Ferreira
Live footage by Fabiana Ferreira
Design by Arthur Migotto