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The Cradle of Life



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NWOBHM, Iron Maiden, Helloween (Deris)

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Originally released in early 2013 in digital format only, "The Cradle of Life" is the 4th studio album by FATES PROPHECY, and counts with the participation of Ricardo Peres on vocals. This is the only full-length recording by the singer, having left the band before the physical release of the album, and being recently replaced by Leonardo Beteto. As one of the novelties, this time the disc has not received a professional production of a third-party professional,being recorded and produced by guitarist Paul Almeida and former guitarist Fernando Poles.

For the crafting of "The Cradle of Life", the FATES PROPHECY decided to leave behind their comparisons with bands like IRON MAIDEN and SAXON and find their own identity. This reflects both in the sonority of the album, which features an inspired and mature band, as for its concept, quite different from what is usually found in traditional heavy metal albums. The idea of the album revolves around the question of the origin of human beings and the world as we know it. While some believe in the creationist theory, others believe in evolutionary. Then it is raised the hypothesis of a third option, still unknown. Looking at the technological level already achieved and the number of questions still unanswered, it is concluded that we may never reach a definitive solution to human origin. The group goes even further, casting a look at the ancient civilizations scattered simultaneously around the world, especially South America, seeking inspiration in them for new reflections on life, death and humanity. Needless to say, the result reached by the group drew much attention of Brazilian specialized press.


Defenders, Unite! I recommend this band to everyone, especially to those who say: "when the big bands are gone, who will carry the word of metal?" Well, to those who have these doubts, perhaps listening to this album one can find the answer...

All Around Metal (ITA, 28/09/2015)

That disc has done many a spin in my cd player... We are speaking of heavy metal strongly influenced by Iron Maiden and with a melodic edge here and there... One of the cradles of good metal surely stands in Brazil!

Lords of Metal eZine (NLD, 01/08/2015)

It is one of those items obligatory in any collection. There is only one thing to be said after listening to this disc: welcome back, and please, stay!

Marcos Garcia
Metal Samsara (BRA, 06/02/2013)

'The Cradle Of Life' is one more proof that Fates Prophecy is one of the most talented bands from Brazil and one of the pillars of national Heavy Metal.

Vitor Franceschini
Whiplash Webzine (BRA, 21/02/2013)

Those who know Fates Prophecy already know what to expect: Traditional Heavy Meatl, double guitars which recall the good times of the NWOBHM, cohesion, technics and a lot of energy.

Leandro Vianna
A Música Continua a Mesma (BRA, 17/04/2013)

And I repeat in loud voice: best album of 2013.

Lucas Mucci
Die Fight Webzine (BRA, 11/05/2013)

The fact FATES PROPHECY has already left its name marked in the history of Brazilian Heavy Metal is undoubtful. However, the guys from Sao Paulo were able to give a step further with 'The Cradle of Life', which is one of the best works of the genre in the last years around here

Écio Diniz
Pólvora Zine (BRA, 24/07/2013)

To say this is the best album of the band is a hard task, but it is certainly the one which presents the most identity.

Leandro Nogueira Coppi
Brasil Metal História (BRA, 01/10/2013)

Fates Prophecy is one of those bands that when it releases a new album you can buy without listening even to a single track. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Fabio Reis
Stay Rock Advertising (BRA, 22/01/2014)