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WILD WITCH: "The Offering" artwork and details revealed

The first full-length from Brazilian heavy metal band WILD WITCH is scheduled for release between August and September by Arthorium Records. The CD titled "The Offering" will present a cover art with old-school style photography, reminiscent of books and films from the 70s and 80s, as well as a rich 16 page booklet. The album will feature 8 tracks summing 40 minutes.

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GREY WOLF: "Glorious Death" cover artwork and details revealed

GREY WOLF's third studio album will be released on June 18th via Arthorium Records. The CD titled "Glorious Death" will present a neat booklet with 16 pages and a stunning cover artwork painted in traditional media by French illustrator Nicolas Bournay. Cover illustration, which shows Grey Wolf warrior wounded and fighting recklessly over a pile of bodies and soldiers, was conceived to be purposely cliché and vibrant, resembling Conan magazines covers, as the theme is one of the biggest influences for the band.

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