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FATES PROPHECY: "The Cradle of Life" now available in CD

Veteran Brazilian heavy metal group FATES PROPHECY launched last friday (September 12) its awaited CD "The Cradle of Life". The album is the same which was released digitally in early 2013 - still with Ricardo Peres on vocals - but only now reaching shelves in the physical format.

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HAZY HAMLET: New album "Full Throttle" released

Brazilian classic metal group HAZY HAMLET releases its new studio album after 4 years and a half. The disc, titled Full Throttle, maintains the same line-up that has been promoting its predecessor Forging Metal (2009), with members: Arthur Migotto (V), Julio Bertin (G), Fabio Nakahara (B) and Cadu Madera (D). Production is again signed by the singer, and sonority is more traditional, with the group drawing numerous influences from the NWOBHM.

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