HAZY HAMLET: Recognition among bands of the NWOBHM

IMAGE - HAZY HAMLET: Recognition among bands of the NWOBHM

Five months after the release of their second full-length, brazilian classic metallers HAZY HAMLET begins to reap the fruits of their work. The album "Full Throttle", released in November 2013 by Arthorium Records has plucked praise from numerous vehicles of national and international press and bringing significant group invitations to interviews and events with legendary bands of the 70s and 80s.

In brazilian lands, the first review was published by webzine Brasil Metal História: "Full Throttle is a lesson of brute metal as we've known through the NWOBHM and for bands like Omen, Judas Priest and Manowar" - Leandro Nogueira Coppi cites, after which compliment the production of Arthur Migotto and celebrates - "Great return of HAZY HAMLET! Remember this name!". Meanwhile, Valterlir Mendes, in an article written for the webzine Recife Metal Law, highlights the group after returning from a long break and points out: "This is Heavy Metal to the last drop, or better, until the last riff!" - And after describing and praising the cover art says that the album "ultimately confirms HAZY HAMLET as one of the most important names of traditional Heavy Metal in Brazil." The album was also reviewed by magazines. For the traditional Roadie Crew Magazine, Écio Diniz Souza says that "well executed NWOBHM influences jump to the ears in a succession of riffs and striking passages", while Peter Humangous, editor in chief of Hell Divine Magazine, shoots: "HAZY HAMLET represents well Metal created in Brazil and shows the world the best we have here" and on Full Throttle, concludes: "It's the kind of album that's worth listening to again and again and to have it in your collection!".

If the album has called attention in Brazil, outside the country it has not disappoint, and has won heartfelt statements from redactors. Italian Luca Avalon is one of these, and wrote for the Heavy Metal Webzine: "Full Throttle is a valiant job in every aspect that leaves me a big smile on the face at every listening, in addition to constantly reminding me why I love this music so much...". Also in this step, we read the words of Saint Savin for the Hungarian webzine Kronos Mortus: "This album reminded me of all the excitement and atmosphere that got me into the world of metal in the first place...". The latest harvested review is also European - from Greece, more specifically. In it, writer Nick Parastatidis publishes that Full Throttle is "an album that you listen to from beginning to end and after it finishes you hit the play button again and again". After mentioning that in this album there are more noticeable influences from NWOBHM aside the German ones and that the production reminds discs as "Port Royal" and "See You in Hell" concludes categorically for the Behind the Veil Webzine: "I believe alongside the new material from the METAL INQUISITOR, HAZY HAMLET has offered me the best heavy metal album this year."

With so many accolades, the group has not been limited to only appear in reviews. Repercussion led the group to respond to interviews to German debutant Metal Gods Magazine, specializing in old-school heavy metal, and the now traditional magazine Heavy Metal Pages, from Poland, both chats quite long and enlightening. The aforementioned Greek webzine Behind the Veil was not let behind, and just published an interview earlier this week.

In addition to articles for the press, the momentum of the group reflects on the events, increasingly significant. In March HAZY HAMLET has played alongside legendary British group RAVEN, and was surprised with an excellent reception by headbangers and the local press. The show was the first of the group in Curitiba, and counted also with regional heavy metal groups BELTANE and DEVIL SIN. More recently, on May 4, HAZY HAMLET held exclusively support to a historic event in Londrina, playing with GRIM REAPER, from UK, and PICTURE, from the Netherlands - two legends of 80s metal and direct influences to the compositions of the band.

Full Throttle copies are currently in the hands of dozens of printed magazines around the world, waiting for reviews and invitations for interviews. With this, HAZY HAMLET hopes to reap even more fruits of their labor in the second half of 2014.