HAZY HAMLET: "Full Throttle" cover artwork and release date


After months of uncertainties HAZY HAMLET is finally able to release more details about its upcoming album. Filled with influences from the NWOBHM, Full Throttle will present a more traditional sonority than its predecessor, and it is scheduled to be released on November 16th by new label Arthorium Records.

The album cover artwork is signed by veteran Brazilian illustrator Celso Mathias, who worked with the group before in its Forging Metal debut. The painting presents norse god Odin once more, but this time riding a motorcycle version of his horse Sleipnir, transmitting a message about "carpe diem". A post-apocalyptic landscape intends to recall the listener to wars and mankind's path to degradation. Although the album will be released primarily in CD, the illustration was painted in gatefold format, as the band intends to release a vinyl version in the future.

All tracks were recorded and produced by HAZY HAMLET in its own Bigorna Studio and singer Arthur Migotto was responsible by mixing and mastering processes. Line-up is the same which has been promoting Forging Metal album: Arthur Migoto (V), Julio Bertin (G), Fabio Nakahara (B) and Cadu Madera (D).

The group made available one of album's songs - Symphony of Steel - which can be heard and downloaded directly from its official website.

Full Throttle tracklisting:

1) Full Throttle
2) Symphony of Steel
3) A Havoc Quest (instrumental)
4) Vendetta
5) Jaws of Fenris
6) Odin's Ride
7) Thorium
8) Red Baron