HAZY HAMLET: Band announces changes in line-up

IMAGE - HAZY HAMLET: Band announces changes in line-up

Brazilian veteran group of classic heavy metal HAZY HAMLET announces changes in line-up. Depart from the band Arthur Migotto, who, in addition to being singer, played the roles of composer and producer, and Cadu Madera, drummer.

This is the first change since March 2008 - the period before the release of album "Forging Metal" - when the group has stabilized with the addition of Cadu Madera. Both members left the band for personal reasons and in a friendly manner.

Cadu departs for a period of rest and with expectation of futurely finding a project with a more vintage sound proposal. For the drummer position returns Hermano Filho, original member that preceded him during the period from 1999 to 2008 and member of the line-up which effectively recorded the debut of the band. The two are friends and the transition occurred naturally and smoothly.

In its turn the vocalist position is vacant for the first time since 2002, when singer Arthur Migotto joined the group. Arthur departs by the difficulty carrying out activities related to the band. The member moved from Maringa to Curitiba in October 2010 and the distance of more than 400km truly complicated the logistics and costs for rehearsals and events. In addition, the abrupt change of environment took the frontman to develop strong allergic reaction that degrades the performance of his voice, a problem from which he never fully recovered.

After departing Arthur Migotto will remain involved with the metal scene through audio productions, one of his passions related to music, and with the future releases of his label Arthorium Records.

At the moment HAZY HAMLET is conducting hearings with candidates for the post of new vocalist. Despite the peaceful atmosphere, the band wishes this transition to occur briefly as the original trio Fabio Nakahara (B), Julio Bertin (G) and Hermano Filho (D) is already in the process of composition for the material which will succeed album "Full Throttle," released in 2013.

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