HAZY HAMLET: Arthur Migotto announces exit by the end of year

IMAGE - HAZY HAMLET: Arthur Migotto announces exit by the end of year

Vocalist Arthur Migotto, who also plays the roles of composer and producer, announces that will leave HAZY HAMLET by the end of the year. The successful partnership will stop amicably after 14 years. Arthur held the first activities with the group in September 2001 when he replaced Mario Bertin three months away for voice treatment, and was invited to officially join the band in April 2002, with the departure of former vocalist.

The main reason for the breakup is the difficulty of Arthur Migotto to continue carrying out activities related to the band. The member moved from Maringa to Curitiba in October 2010 and the distance of more than 400km truly complicated the logistics and costs for rehearsals and events. In addition, the abrupt change of environment took the frontman to develop strong allergic reaction that degrades the performance of his voice, a problem from which he never fully recovered.

After departing Arthur Migotto will remain involved with the metal scene through audio productions, one of his passions related to music, and with the future releases of his label Arthorium Records.

Currently HAZY HAMLET promotes its second full-length album "Full Throttle", released in November 2013, and will continue scheduling events until the end of the year, when the breakup is made official. The band will use the remaining time to reflect if it will seek a new singer for the role or officially cease its activities.

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