GREY WOLF: back to studio project status

IMAGE - GREY WOLF: back to studio project status

Six months ago Brazilian true heavy metal band GREY WOLF presented its third full-length, "Glorious Death". The album released on CD via Arthorium Records was very well received by the press and the fans of the genre, leading the group to definitely project its name in the International scene.

Each one of the three released titles presented distinct guests and lineups. "Glorious Death" counted with guitars recorded by Chris Maia and brought member Weslley Victor as stage drummer (album drums were sequenced before Weslley joined the group). The trio performed live sometimes, being the most significant ones the presence in the great Festival Ruidos no Sertao 2016 held in Pocoes/BA, aside big national and international names, and the support for the Belgian speed-metallers Evil Invaders, in Belo Horizonte/MG.

Now the leader and founder of the band, Fabio Paulinelli, who accumulates the roles of bassist, singer and composer, announces that GREY WOLF is declining its status of multi-member band and returning to the status of a one-man studio project, at least for a while.

Fabio, who is known for composing and playing demanding bass lines which stand out from the trivial, suffers from a severe tendinitis, in his right wrist. According to the musician, these bass lines require too many hours of weekly rehearsal to be executed with accuracy, what has turned to a painful task and, for him, there is no sense in performing live if the songs can't be executed with perfection for the present crowd. This way, his energy will be saved for the opportunities of the most significant concerts.

In addition to this health issue, the leader of GREY WOLF intends in some months to begin the compositions for a new full-length and reveals the desire to count with new studio guests for recording the songs, thus enriching the band's history.

Currently the album "Glorious Death" is being officially distributed in Brazil by Arthorium Records and in UK by Code 7, and can be also found in other countries through independent specialized labels and stores.