FATES PROPHECY: Band takes Dynamite Award of best album

IMAGE - FATES PROPHECY: Band takes Dynamite Award of best album

FATES PROPHECY received last Thursday, on 02 October, the Dynamite Award for best album with the album "The Cradle of Life", released in physical format day September 12 by Arthorium Records. The band competed for the award in the category "best heavy metal album" alongside other as FORKIL, JACKDEVIL and TAILGUNNERS.

The Dynamite group began its activities in 1991 as a fanzine, growing and branching over the years in the form of websites, magazines, NGOs, cultural events and musical training, acting both in Brazil and in Portugal. In its turn, the Dynamite Award was created in 2012 and seeks to recognize work on the independent music in 22 different categories. The election takes place by popular vote and the award is significant, with the winners of the same category in previous years SEPULTURA - in 2012, with the album "Kairos" - and ANDRÉ MATOS - in 2013, with the album "The Turn of the Lights."

The band follows scheduling shows to promote both the award-winning album and their new line-up, which now has Leonardo Beteto on vocals.