DARK WITCH: Group signs with Arthorium Records

IMAGE - DARK WITCH: Group signs with Arthorium Records

Founded in 1999, veteran Brazilian heavy/power metal group DARK WITCH find itself in great ascendence. Resumed activity after a few breaks - requested by singer Bil Martins for European HELLISH WAR tour, with whom he recorded a studio and a live in Germany albums - and recently released in digital form their highly anticipated debut album "The Circle Of Blood ". Now the group announced that signed with Arthorium Records, and the partnership main aim is to press on CD, release and promoting the album. The physical format promises much care, presenting a 16-page booklet and 13 tracks, one being the cover of the song "Voz da Consciência", from legendary Brazilian heavy metal group HARPPIA.

A new website is under construction and the release is expected in mid-August. While the material does not reach the stores, DARK WITCH follows scheduling dates for the album's promotional tour, and interested promoters can contact directly with the group.