DARK WITCH: group releases "To Valhalla We Ride" lyric video

IMAGE - DARK WITCH: group releases

Brazilian true heavy/power metal band DARK WITCH is promoting the lyric video for song "To Valhalla We Ride". The track is part of "The Circle of Blood" CD released in late 2015 via Arthorium Records.

The group was founded in 1999 and presented some demos and line-up changes until slowing down one decade later. Taking advantage of the moment, Bil Martins was recruited in 2012 by band HELLISH WAR, with whom he increased his experience with a European tour and recording a live album in Germany. Founder member, Bil then resumed activities with DARK WITCH, which was finally able to finish new compositions and track them for the debut full-length "The Circle of Blood", currently in promotion.

The album has been conquering important repercussion, raising both national and international praises. "If you are a true Heavy Metal fan and like to keep your music true to its roots, listen to The Circle of Blood. This album is a celebration of true Heavy Metal and, in my opinion, an instant classic" - published USA's webzine The Metal Crypt, specialized in reviews. Crossing the Atlantic, Mathew Collins wrote for British webzine Frenzy Fire: "Addictive and infectious, Dark Witch have delivered an album of superb songs with plenty of variety and pace to keep the listener interested". Back to Brazilian lands, Fernando R.R. Júnior concludes for the Rock on Stage Webzine: "It took long, but when finally the first Dark Witch CD saw the light of day, became immediately one of the best Brazilian albums of 2015. A great piece of Heavy Metal that is certainty of satisfaction guaranteed. 10/10".

The song promoted in the new lyric video, "To Valhalla We Ride", presents the fastest facet of the band, with an instrumental which references the aggressiveness of groups like MANOWAR, and counting with a technical chorus of multiple voices full of energy and pleasantness, flirting with the power metal of bands like ICED EARTH and BLIND GUARDIAN of the 90s".

"Circle of Blood" tracklisting:

  1. Circle Of Blood
  2. Wild Heart
  3. Master Of Fate
  4. Cauldron
  5. Firestorm
  6. Stronghold
  7. Blood Sentence
  8. Liberty Is Death
  9. Lighthouse Reaper
  10. Death Rain
  11. Siegfried
  12. To Valhalla We Ride
  13. Voz da Consciência (bonus)