Frequently Asked Questions

I have a band. Will you release our album?

It depends - having a band is not enough.

First, you must play one of these styles: hard/metal, heavy, thrash or speed, and have your roots in the sound of the 80s. We do not work with contemporary sound. Death metal is cool, but it is not our focus. Extremists and fundamentalists (whether white, black, nazi ...), can pass away. We also have no interest in working with anything melodic, nu, gothic, emo, grunge. Again, only traditional sound.

Secondly, the band must be good. For us, "good" does not mean playing a thousand notes/beats per second, or a vocalist with a record of 10 octaves. "Good" means having enough technical mastery of the instruments for the chosen style, and composing catchy songs. Some musicians are excellent, but look like mummies on stage, and/or their songs are tiresome. Understand, it's all a set. If you chose old school metal, then play, compose, dress and perform accordingly.

Third: be professional. We are all underground and therefore do not have the media support or resources that the mainstream has. Thus, worry in standing out with your own legs. Domain your instrument, worry about the level of your English, review your lyrics, invest in your equipment, take pictures as a real band (not as random lost guys). Remember, do not confuse underground with amateurism. Underground is a style. Amateurism is a behavior to be overcome.

Fourth: I'm sorry, but to be our friend does not make you more eligible. All notices above apply to you. The only difference is that if you are our friend and get to be released by Arthorium Records, we will feel proud.

Finally, beyond everything noted above, take into account that we do few releases each year. Therefore, we work with a queue, and with enough advance planning. If you need someone to release your album in urgency, will probably have to look for another label.

I have a self-released album. Can you distribute it?

It is possible.

If your band plays a style that has its roots in the 80s (hard/metal, heavy, thrash, speed), has a professional behaviour, the material is pressed (industrial replication) and counts with a minimal acceptable quality, we can certainly get some copies to help you distribute them. We have always valued independent work, rating it as high as any work done by mainstream groups or labels. Write us with more details about your band so we can evaluate the material and send you our terms and values​​.

Bear in mind that Arthorium Records is a young label and our distribution network is still in progress, but we are working hard to expand it everyday and play a significant role in independent and underground metal music distribution.

I work with a radio / magazine / webzine / management. Can you send me hard-copies of your CDs?

Maybe, but more likely not.

Much of contacts we receive from partners require physical material with the justification that they receive "more priority" treatment - be it to play on a radio, be it for a review. We understand that, really, but our pressings are limited and, consequently, our quota for partners are limited too. Therefore, we also reserve the rights of having our own priority. We prioritize sending physical copies for those who work in physical form - printed magazines and radio stations, for example - and sending digital promos for those working digitally - webzines and webradios, for example.

Obviously, This does not prevent you from requesting a physical copy. Write us preferably from a trustworthy e-mail address with the domain of your business (e.g.: ). Occasionally we will have copies left from our quota, and we'll be absolute honest about the current possibility of sending one. Understand that we do not want to be rude denying you the material, we just do not have it available to everyone.

Take into account that if you do receive a physical copy, we spend resources for this, so we wait for a review about the album to be published or that its songs are run on your radio. If after sending some copies we find no traces of them being reviewed or airplayed, we won't send them over you anymore - thus we'll give the opportunity to another partner.

I represent a label / physical shop / webstore / distro. Can I distribute Arthorium Records releases on retail?


We are always looking for new partners to the physical distribution of our releases, from the smallest distros to the largest stores. Contact us with more information about your business and we will gladly answer you with information about our materials (releases and distribution) and our wholesale prices. Write us preferably from an e-mail with the domain of your business (e.g.: ). We accept PayPal.

I represent a label / distro. Do you accept trading releases?

Maybe. Probably so.

We are always looking for new partners to the physical distribution of our releases, from the smallest distros to the largest stores, and we also have interest in diversifying the titles of our own webstore.

It is important mentioning that, as we are focusing on materials with roots in the 80s (hard/metal, heavy, thrash, speed), we are currently trading only for materials of these styles. The albums must be pressed (industrial replication) and have a minimally professional booklet/insert. If you have albums that fit the description above (your releases, distribution or overstock of your store), please contact us with more information about your business and we will gladly answer you with a list of materials available for trade. Write us preferably from a reliable e-mail with the domain of your business (e.g.: ).