WILD WITCH plays pure and raw heavy metal in the molds of the 80's, with influences of great heavy, speed and hard rock names such as Judas Priest, Saxon, Motorhead, Angel Witch, Accept, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Tokyo Blade and Venom. Only for the real ones!

The band was founded in 2011 by Felipe "Rippervert" (B), Mariano Burich (G), Weiberlan Garcia (D) and Flav Scheidt (V), all who at some moment were mates in the already split-up and predecessor speed/thrash metal group CRUSHER, also founded by Felipe.

As a quartet WILD WITCH recorded and released in independent manner in 2012 "Burning Chains" EP, counting with 3 authorial songs and a version for TOKYO BLADE's "Rock to the Limit". The EP was reissued in 2013 by French label Infërno Records in cassete tape format, earning the group great reviews from publishings from Europa, Asia and South America. Still benefiting from the repercussion, the band was invited to open for names like LEATHER LEONE (USA) and CAULDRON (CAN).

In 2016 WILD WITCH suffers a change in the line-up with the parting of Flav Scheidt during the recordings of the debut full-length. The group then becomes a trio with the decision by bassist Felipe "Rippervert" of taking over the lead vocals role. With this line-up the band re-records the whole debut album in Avant Garde Studio under production and mixing of Maiko Thomé (Axecuter, Amen Corner), concluding it 2017.


Wild Witch




2006 - Present


Heavy Metal / NWOTHM


Felipe "Rippervert" (V/B) Mariano Burich (G) Weiberlan Garcia (D)

For fans of

Angel Witch, Saxon, Venom, Thin Lizzy



COVER ARTWORK - Burning Chains

Burning Chains

2012 [EP, CD]
Running time - 16:48