About Us

About Arthorium Records

Arthorium Records is a very young independent metal label grounded in Curitiba, PR, south of Brazil. Conceived in 25th of October, 2013, the label will focus only in the most traditional trends of metal bands with at least some small roots in the 80s: hard, heavy, power, thrash and speed metal. Consequently, we will NOT work with melodic, prog, grunge, core, black or white metal. 

About the Owners

Currently a small company, Arthorium Records is born from the honest metal passion of Arthur Migotto, a man who has started listening to rock & metal still in his teenage years. Arthur is most know for his work as singer/composer of Brazilian classic metal band Hazy Hamlet (2002-2016), but it is worth rewarding it a little... He joined his first cover band - Orion - in late '97,  and jumped into an already active Hazy Hamlet in early 2002. It was working with this group that Arthur developed his skills, not only writing them riffs and lyrics, but as the band was optionally independent, skills of graphics design, website implementation, press management, audio production... and as result, most of his work can be seen in the band's proud self-released debut "Forging Metal" (2009). For the second full-length release Hazy Hamlet opted for an European label, and all was set for a release in September of 2013, when some several months communication problem with the owner surged. Arthur's idea of forging his own label gained force, and in the end he found out this was the perfect opportunity for him to take advantage of all experience accumulated and found this very company. Arthorium Records was thus born to put in practice one of the things he loves most: heavy metal music. 

Our Mission

We all know underground realm is filled with everything imaginable. When talking about labels, there are those who do a poor work, abandon bands to their own luck, but gather a good amount of money, and there are those who focus on the quality of the material and the dedication work to the band - metal is the main subject, profit being a consequence of the good work.

Aiming on quality and dedication, Arthorium Records want to give mature and professional bands of the underground a chance to reach better production, visibility and distribution.